Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Task tagged by [java]

  1. Check Lotus Notes connection by java
  2. Check Salesforce connection by java
  3. Execute command line process from java with timeout
  4. Execute thread from java with timeout
  5. Upload file to SharePoint site
  6. Retrieve list of libraries on SharePoint site
  7. Save hash table to file
  8. Load hash table from file
  9. Load hash table from string
  10. Save hash table to string
  11. Encrypt and decrypt string by java
  12. Retrieve version of Lotus Notes by java
  13. Retrieve name of current user of Lotus Notes by java
  14. Retrieve list of databases on Lotus Notes server
  15. Open Lotus Notes database
  16. Retrieve list of documents in Lotus Notes database
  17. Verify table structure
  18. Initialize logger by java
  19. Retrieve list of Lotus Notes forms
  20. Parse simple math expression
  21. Extract summary of web page
  22. Grab jobs from vWorker
  23. Grab jobs from Freelancer
  24. Retrieve Salesforce server instance
  25. Add post and comment to Chatter
  26. Grab jobs from oDesk
  27. Grab jobs from Stack Overflow Careers
  28. Extract Lotus Notes database icon
  29. Run javascript in sandbox
  30. Create javascript sandbox with jsoup support
  31. Grab vBulletin pages in logged-in mode
  32. Add JSON support to javascript sandbox
  33. Grab google search results
  34. Grab categories from Amazon aStores
  35. Grab products from Amazon aStores
  36. Grab categories from BestBuy
  37. Grab products from BestBuy
  38. Grab categories from Walmart
  39. Grab products from Walmart
  40. Grab categories from Newegg
  41. Grab products from Newegg
  42. Add Lucene support to javascript sandbox
  43. Add MySQL support to javascript sandbox
  44. Grab categories from HP Shopping
  45. Grab products from HP Shopping
  46. Grab video from YouTube
  47. Grab video from DailyMotion
  48. Grab book/journal from ScienceDirect
  49. Grab article from ScienceDirect
  50. Grab search results from Google
  51. Grab search results from Bing
  52. Grab search results from Yahoo

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